Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Compendium 3 CMAP 5

Comparing Compendium and CMAP
  • Both offer collaborative visualisation 1-1
  • Both have a web-publish option 2-2
  • Both are open source 3-3
  • Compendium would require admin rights to install at CU unless we wrote a NAL app for it. CMAP is already available on every workstation in the Uni via Networked Apps. 3-4
  • Compendium stores stuff either on your hard disk or via a MySQL database where CMAP uses a client/server attitude - i.e. sharing is better in CMAP. 3-5
Verdict: I could have gone on but, for my money, while Compendium is nicer to use than CMAP, at my institution, CMAP has the support and architecture where it counts, and it can (with a little coercion - apols to Joe) even be used for Compendium-type stuff.