Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My first book chapter

I am rather ambivalent about this, but my dissertation became a book chapter in 2008. The sheer price of the book and the amount of titles pumped out by this publisher is unnerving... I've reviewed a couple from them for BJET but tend to avoid them now... unless the title really gets under my skin...
The call for chapters came out just as I was finishing my dissertation in 2006, so the timing had that ring of 'providence' about it. I'm very grateful for this though, as publishing anything when there's so much else to do is not easy. I'm particularly grateful to Terry Kidd who argued strongly for my chapter to be included.

Johnson, M. (2008) Investigating & encouraging student nurses’ ICT engagement in Chen & Kidd Eds. (2008) Social Information Technology: Connecting Society and Cultural Issues, Hershey, PA: Idea Group Publishing, Inc.


Wendy DG said...

How wonderful to stumble upon your blog. I'm just starting my dissertation at the University of Florida. Topic is Networked Learning in K12 Education. Congratulations on your book chapter.

Mike Johnson said...

Hi Wendy,
Thank you for your comment. I hope your dissertation goes well and you find an audience for it as easilly as I did - that was a real plus. I am very grateful to the editors for the opportunity. So much Ed-tech stuff is published, so much that is unhinged from anything but 'scattered remains' of theory. I am not in a rush to add to that. The day-job and life in general dictate that I cant. But I am hoping to pop at the Networked Learning conference 2010: highly recommended!