Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reviewing the proceedings

I'm not sure what the best way to go about this is, but I feel the need to read all the papers from the recent conference.
Apart from the choice of technology, there's the issue of how to attack them. Do I take a random choice, go alphabetically by author, follow the numbering system the organisers have adopted (that would be easy as I'd have to start with my own paper!).
Having failed to embed a wave in this blog, I'm a bit nervous about that medium. I know the invitations restriction has been lifted but you still need an account so it's also not as open as I'd like it to be. Also, not sure how manageable it would be... are we talking a single wave for all the papers or individual waves, one for each paper? Probably the latter could work... but then there's the issue of sharing. What kind of comments might I/we make? Do we want to feel free enough to make comments that I/we might worry about the paper's author reading...? (policy clearly ought to be to frame comments as warmly as possible).
I'd thought about using the NLC2010 site's own online environment, but worry about how long that is likely to hang around. Even linking to the papers is not likely to work for that long, until the site is archived, as has happened in previous years.
I can almost hear GrĂ¡inne calling... 'cloudworks'... not a bad suggestion... There are already some clouds there from people who attended the presentations...
Perhaps the level of granularity and control I'm after might mean that a simple blog (like this one) might be enough to do the job... and then link back through to cloudworks :-)

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