Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Addictive learning

A quick Scholar search of this term gives a few references to game-based learning. One useful article that appeared was Eynon & Helsper's paper

Goodyear, P. 2002. Psychological foundations for networked learning. In: Steeples, C. and Jones, C. eds. Networked learning: perspectives and issues. London: Springer.)



Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Mark, I was very interested to read your comments in Martin Wellor's post about ePortfolio. I wondered...what's happening in the UK with nurses and midwives...are they moving to ePortfolio? If so, is this happening on a professional level, or led by educational institutions?

Mike Johnson said...

Hi Sarah - thanks for your questions - I can see you've been working on Portfolios on your blog so I'll pop over there and post a reply.