Thursday, January 17, 2013

Finding I need to think more about sharable representations of practice

Well this was going to be a tweet but even the quote was too long. Having had one student volunteer a complex flowchart to demonstrate a technique they'd developed, and which caused another student to balk at it, gave me the urge to send a Peter Goodyear's (2005,p120) quote into the ether:
'much of what is worth learning in a rapidly changing field of practice already exists as 'working knowledge' embedded in the working practices of professionals in the field.'
The trick is, how to facilitate that, especially at a distance. There are 'tool' and 'training' issues, some of which are explored in

Goodyear P (2005) Emergence of a Networked Learning Community. In: G. Kearsley ed. Online Learning: Personal Reflections On The Transformation Of Education. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Educational Technology Publications. Available at:

Goodyear P and Steeples C (1998) Creating shareable representations of practice. Research in Learning Technology. 6 (3). Available at:


Peter B. Sloep said...

Hi Mike, wonderful quote and so relevant. I tried to locate it in the articles you refer to, but could not find it. In which one is it, the book chapter or the ALT-J one?

Mike Johnson said...

Many thanks for your message Peter - great to hear from you. I'm sorry for not including the page number in my post - will add it now: it is on 120 of the book chapter which is hopefully behind this link.

Peter B. Sloep said...

Thanks a lot!